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City of Youngstown Water Company, Bill Pay, Login, Bill, Phone Number, Hours, Customer Service, New Service has prepared the following online guide for water service. 

This guide explains how you can find your past or current bills, manage payments both online and offline along with the different payment options for the Youngstown Water Dept.

You can pay your bills with credit or debit cards by calling 330-742-8749. If you want the Spanish-language version, please press 8 on your phone. Making payments by mail, you will need to make your checks or money orders out to the Youngstown Water Department and mail your payment to P.O. Box 6219 Youngstown OH, 44501-6219. Do not send cash by mail, it will not be accepted. 

If you want to pay in person, you can visit the downtown Youngstown office located at 26 South Phelps Street Youngstown OH, 44503 1st floor of the Youngstown City Hall. The office is open from 8AM to 4PM, Monday to Friday. You will also find all Youngstown Water service forms on this page. This includes setting up new service, changing your mailing address, daily consumption tracking forms, final read requests, landlord re-establish, online payment turn-on, winter turn-on and winter shut-off forms. 

This page also goes on to describe the boil alerts and rates used in the city of Youngstown, Ohio. If you have any questions about your water service,  you can contact Youngstown Water by email at Also, you can call 330-742-8749 or send a fax to 330-742-8751. In case you want to talk in person, you can visit the main offices at City Hall, 1st Floor 26 South Phelps Street Youngstown, OH 44503. The business hours are 8 AM-4 PM, Monday to Friday. 

At the bottom, we’ve prepared a list of the frequently asked questions. However, if you have any questions about your water service, don’t hesitate to contact the Youngstown Water Department directly at 330-742-8749.


Pay Online Bill Pay/Credit Card/Debit Card

Make a one-time online payment with a credit, debit card, view/print your bills, sign up for automatic bank drafts, view consumption and payment history. Also, sign up for paperless bill.


You can pay your bills with credit or debit cards by calling 330-742-8749. If you want the Spanish-language version of our service, please press option 8 on your phone. You will need your account number and billing address listed on your billing statement.


Making payments by mail you will need to make your checks or money orders out to the Youngstown Water Department and mail your payment to P.O. Box 6219 Youngstown OH, 44501-6219. Do not send cash by mail. It will not be accepted.


If you want to pay in person, you can visit the downtown Youngstown office located at 26 South Phelps Street Youngstown OH, 44503 1st floor of the Youngstown City Hall. The office is open from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday to Friday, cash, checks, money orders, credit cards accepted.


View Bills

Manage your water account online. View current statements, past bills, check water usage and make payments.

If you have multiple accounts with the Youngstown Water Company, login with your landlord number and see all your balances at once. If you need changes call 330-742-8751 or email


You will find all Water Department service forms on this page. That includes setting up new service, changing your mailing address, and daily consumption tracking forms. Final read requests, landlord re-establish, online payment turn-on, winter turn-on and winter shut-off forms can also be found here.

New Service

Allow up to 4 days for the Youngstown Water Dept to process the service form. Renters send a copy of your state or goverement ID and lease agreement.

If you’re purchasing a property, send a copy of your state or government ID and a settlement statement or recorded deed that included your name and address of property. Land contractors should send a copy of their state or government ID and their documents that include buyer, seller names, address of property, dates, signatures of all parties involved.

Mailing Address Change

Allow 4 days for the Youngstown Water Company to process the change of address. Please do not use this form for moving or name changes. You can either complete the service form or the online version.

If you print the department form please mail to the Youngstown Water Department located 26 S. Phelps St. Youngstown, OH 44503. You can also email it to

Daily Consumption Tracking Sheet

This will help enable you to track water usage by using meter readings that are entered for an 8 day period. Include events within the windows to evaluate how the water is used (i.e. washing clothes, watering the lawn, etc.). The water department can then convert the readings to gallons per day and estimate the consumption for the month.

Final Read Request

Allow 4 days to process the final read request Youngstown Water dept form. This form is for residents who are moving to another location and want to schedule a final meter reading.

Warning: The Youngstown Water Department will shut-off water service at a final read unless a new user has signed up to begin new service. Also, if the account is delinquent at the time of the final read request, the water will be turned off. If no one establishes service at the time of the final read request, the water will be turned off.

Landlord Re-Establish Service Request

Allow 4 days to process the landlord re-establish dept form. If you are the property owner of record with the Youngstown Water Department and you are requesting the water account be placed into your name to avoid disconnection of service or to have service restored, please complete this form along with a copy of your state or government ID.

Online Payment Turn-On Release

If your water had been disconnected and you made your payment online you must complete one of the options below to get your water restored:

1) Visit Youngstown Water at 26 S. Phelps Street with your photo ID, sign a turn‐on release and pay the non‐refundable turn‐on fee.
2) Fill out and sign this form along with providing us with a copy of your photo ID and Fax to: 330‐742‐8751 or email to the email address above. Also, you must pay a non‐refundable turn‐on fee with a debit or credit card on our website listed above. $40.00 if you are residing in the City or $44.00 if you are residing in the County.

Winter Shut Off

Allow 4 business days to process the winter shut-off request.

Winter Turn-On 

Please allow 4 business days to process the winter turn-on department form.


Phone Numbers

Customer Service: 330-742-8749
Customer Service Fax: 330-742-8751
Water Bill Information: 330-742-8751
Emergency/After Hours: 330-742-8760

Meter Reading: 330-742-8752

City Sewer: 330-742-8820

Mahoning County Sewer: 330-793-5514

Trumbull County Sewer: 330-675-2775

Sanitation: 330-742-8800

Collections: 330-742-8735

Bank Draft: 330-742-8210

Leak at Street: 330-742-8760

Leak at Home: 330-742-8752

Meander Water: 330-799-6315

Meter Shop: 330-742-8762

Main Office

City Hall, 1st Floor 26 South Phelps Street Youngstown, OH 44503

Phone: 330-742-8749

Fax: 330-742-8751


Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 8:00AM – 4:00PM


160 North West Avenue Youngstown OH 44502

Phone: 330-742-1362

Fax: 330-742-8763

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-4:00PM


P.O. Box 6219 Youngstown OH, 44501-6219.

Phone: 330-742-8749


What should I do if I lose my Youngstown Water bill?

If you lose your Youngstown water bill sign into your online account, print a new bill or call the customer service department at 330-742-8749 and request for a duplicate.

Why did I receive a water bill when I was out of town and didn’t use any water?

All customers need to pay the minimum charge if the water service was available during the given period, regardless of the water usage.

How can I change an incorrect name or address on my Youngtown Water bill?

Use the appropriate service forms or call customer service at 330-742-8749 and they will make the correction for you.

I have fallen behind on my water bill, how can I make payment arrangements?

If you’re having a problem paying your bill, call the collections department at 330-742-8735. They will help you make a payment arrangement and avoid having your water service shut-off.

Do sewer charges apply if I drain my swimming pool?

Yes, because pool water eventually drains down the sewer.

I made an online payment, when will it post to my account?

Allow 3 business days for the online payments to be posted.

What forms of payment do you accept if I decide to pay in person?

Youngstown Water Dept accepts all forms of payment in downtown Youngstown. This includes cash, check, money order, Visa , Mastercard, Discover Card, and American Express. Youngstown Water Department: City Hall 1st Floor 26th S Phelps Street Youngstown, OH 44503.

I want to pay my Youngstown Water bill, what is the best way to make a payment?

You can pay your bill online, bill pay with your bank, or by mail. Cash is not accepted by mail. Youngstown Water Department: City Hall 1st Floor 26th S Phelps Street Youngstown, OH 44503.

What happens if my water bill bounces?

They will attempt to cash the check twice. If the bank refuses to clear the payment, you will need to come in person and pay the full amount.  In addition, you will need to pay a $20 NSF fee. 

Is it possible to get a final meter reading if I sell my house?

Yes, you can always use the final read form or call customer service at 330-742-8749 to arrange a final meter reading. Everyone in the Youngstown area has their water usage measured by a specialized water meter. The meters measure water in 100 cubic feet or CCF. Customers are billed for the amount of water used during a billing period. One CCF unit equals 100 cubic feet or around 748 gallons. The majority of meters are straight-reading, which means that they look similar to odometers in cars.

Can you help us read the Youngstown Water meter at my house?

Your water meter is a precise water-measuring device that registers the water consumption in your home. The meter is often placed in the basement.

The Youngstown Water Department may require access to your meter for maintenance.

The following rules in mind if you’re landscaping:

  1. Permanent structures (walls, fences, gates, etc.) cannot be installed in a utility easement area without a permit from the City.
  2. Your meter area needs to be accessible. Remove shrubbery, trees and low growing bushes from its surrounding.
  3. If you’re planting trees, keep in mind that the tree roots can entangle underground pipes and cause them to break and create water leakage.
  4. Shrubbery can impede our ability to properly read your meter
  5. People with already established landscaping must trim their plants to allow access to the water meter.

If landscaping causes problems with accessibility, we ask that you clear and remove it. However, in emergency cases, we may clear the vegetation on our own and without any prior notice. Please understand that the Youngstown Water Department has the right to remove all obstructions in the utility easement area. The department is not liable for any damage caused while removing the obstructions.

In case you have questions about meter maintenance, or you need help locating it, you can call our customer service at 330-742-8749.

What should I do if a water main breaks?

In that case, you should immediately call the emergency phone line at at 330-742-8760. Report all issues with the water main and/or water pressure.

My water looks dirty, what should I do?

If the issue appears during regular business hours, call our engineering department at 330-742-8765. In case the issue appears after hours, call our 24-hour emergency center at 330-742-8760. They will help you with all your questions and complaints about the water color, taste and odor.

Is it necessary to filter the water in my home?

No, it’s not necessary. However, if you decide to install a filtering device you should keep a few things in mind. A water filter needs to be maintained. A filter that is not maintained properly can break down and actually decrease the quality of water. You should also understand that water filters typically accumulate iron particles.

Most of the time, the iron particles cannot be seen by the naked eye because they’re very small. But if you set up a filter, the iron will accumulate on it and become visible. In that case, you will need to remove it to preserve the quality of water.

My water bill is incorrect, can I dispute it?

Yes, you can always arrange a hearing with our online Dispute Your Bill form. Alternatively, you can write to us about the issue.

Youngstown Water Department Attn: Collection Supervisor 26 South Phelps Street Youngstown, OH 44503

Once your request is processed, you will be given all the details, including the time and place, of your hearing. You have full right to inspect all Youngstown records regarding your account before the hearing. However, you cannot request a hearing to prevent the interruption of water service.

You have the right to be represented by an attorney or you may participate in the hearing on your own. Your water service will not be interrupted until the hearing is finished and the Water Department makes a decision regarding your case. Still, you have to remain current on subsequent billings during the proceedings  or your service may be interrupted. You will receive the final hearing decision in person and in writing. The final decision is not open to dispute from any party involved in the case.

I don’t understand how to read my water meter, what should I do?

Everyone should be able to read their water meter, because it helps you track your water consumption and detect potential leaks.

The water meter works like a car odometer. This means that you read all the numbers from left to right.

You can obtain the readings only from the water meter itself and not the outside touch-read. This touch-read is not meant to display readings, it merely transmits electronic code to a handheld receiver to eliminate human errors.

You can determine what volume of water was used by calculating the difference between the readings. All water bills show water consumption expressed in 100 cubic feet or 1 CCF.

How to convert CCF to gallons

  • 1CCF = 748 gallons
  • If you want to calculate the gallons consumed, you can multiply CCF by 748. For example: 12 CCF x 748 gallons = 8,976 gallons
  • Understand that you might not be checking the meter on the same date as the one used for billing.

How to check if there are any water leaks?

Before you start, turn off all faucets and appliances that use water. Your meter has a disc (either round or triangular) that represents a leak detector.

The leak detector turns when there is water going through the meter. If the detector moves even after you turned off all your faucets and appliances, it means you have a leak. Even if it moves very slowly, you have an issue, because slow leaks quickly build up and cost you a fortune over a longer period.

Alternatively, you can write the numbers and location of the dial indicator. Then, wait for a couple of hours and read the meter again. If the numbers changed, even slightly, and you didn’t use any water in your home, you probably have a leak.

People often ask if their meter is working properly when they accrue high charges. You need to understand that a meter is a mechanical device that slows down and stops functioning over time. This means that it almost never registers high or fast water consumption by mistake.

How can I save water and reduce my water consumption?

First and foremost, check if your toilet wastes water. Toilets are especially susceptible to silent leaks which amount up to several thousand gallons of water being wasted each year. These leaks are hard to spot because they run very slowly out of the tank. Make sure to check if your toilet leaks by following these steps:
  • Open your toilet tank by lifting its lid.
  • Place a few drops of food coloring into the tank. Never use dye, because it may stain your toilet and ruin its appearance.
  • Leave the toilet untouched for an hour or two. Let it rest for even more, if you have the time.
  • After that, carefully inspect the toilet bowl. If you notice even a shred of food coloring in it, you have a silent leak in your toilet.

I have a leak in my toilet, how can I fix it?

Toilet leaks are usually caused by faulty flush valves. The flush valve is a flap that acts as a stopper at the bottom of the toilet tank. After years of use, the stopper can become worn out and stop working properly. Luckily, it’s easy to solve this problem. Visit your local plumber and purchase an inexpensive replacement valve. 

You might be wasting water in your home. Be careful how you consume water.

Many everyday activities use a lot of water. For example, laundry uses 20 to 45 gallons per load, showering takes 20 to 30 gallons, toilets use 3.5 to 7 gallons per flush. Tub baths spend 30 to 40 gallons of water and garbage disposals use as many as 5 gallons per minute.

If you’ve checked everything, but still can’t find out what causes your water consumption to be high, don’t hesitate to call us at 330-742-8749. We will help you out any way we can.

Landlord Accounts

If you’re a landlord, you can check and confirm all outstanding water accounts for each property in the monthly report.

Landlords can review and verify outstanding water accounts for each owned property in the monthly Landlord Account Report. Logon below:

If you need help with maintaining your account, we advise you to provide your changes by email or by sending a fax at 330-742-8751. You can always call 330-742-8735 if you have any uncertainties.

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