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This page covers the Vectren Energy gas service in Ohio. Here, you will find all payment, billing, service and contact information divided into different parts and sections.

The first part of the page deals with payments. Here, you can choose to pay your bills online, by mail, in person or by phone. You can use your checking or savings bank account and credit or debit cards. No additional charges apply in either case. Under the billing section, you will find information pertaining to Vectren Energy bills. This part contains a sample bill that will help you understand their billing. You will also find Budget Bill, eBill and Extended Due Date programs explained here.

The next section covers the basic service information. It details how you can establish, transfer, upgrade or end a gas service from Vectren. In addition to that, the billing section explains how you can arrange a payment plan to avoid service disconnection, request a rebate or report a fraud, scam or theft. Go here to find out how to report a gas emergency. The last section contains all Vectren Energy contacts. Move to this part if you want to talk to their representatives.

Last but not least, you will find the frequently asked questions listed out at the very end of the page. Check this part if you have a question about the Vectren gas service. If you don’t find your answer, don’t hesitate to call their Customer Support at 800-227-1376.


Online Bill Pay/Credit Card/Bank Account

You can use your checking or savings bank account to pay your bills online. However, you will need your account number and your routing number to complete the payment. No additional charges apply for bank account payments.

You can also pay your Vectren Energy Delivery bills online using credit or debit cards. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards are supported. You cannot complete an online card payment without your Vectren Energy Delivery account number.


Vectren allows you to pay your bills in person at all authorized third-party locations. Enter your address on the form linked below to find the nearest paysite.

Automatic Bank Draft

If you don’t want to worry about your bills, you can enroll into the Automatic Payments program offered by Vectren. This way, your bank account will automatically be charged the bill amount and you will receive notifications whenever a payment is made.

To participate in the program, you will have to specify your bank account.


If you want to make your payments by mail, send your checks made out to Vectren to the following address:

Vectren Energy Delivery P.O. Box 6262 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6250

It takes five business days for mail payments to arrive.


Understand Your Bill

Are you struggling to understand your Vectren gas bill? Check out the sample bill that explains all items on the bill. If you need additional help, reach out to Vectren at 800-227-1376 or

Budget Bill

To help its consumers pay their bills, Vectren offers the Budget Bill program, which spreads out the charges evenly throughout the year. However, this does not mean your bills will become lower.

In the end, you will pay the same amount, but the charges will be roughly equal for each month. This way, you can avoid seasonal highs and drops, and better organize your home budget. Under this program, your bills will be recalculated each summer to follow your gas consumption more closely.


Vectren allows its users to apply for electronic bills. If you enroll into this program, you will receive email notifications whenever a new bill becomes due. You will also be able to view all your bills for the past two years. What’s more, you can view them on any device that can access your email inbox.

Payment Plans/Extensions

If you’re facing unexpected financial difficulties, you can request a one-time extended bill due date and this only delays your bill. You will still have to pay the full amount, together with your next gas bill.

You can apply for extended due dates online, via LiveChat or by phone.

To cancel an extended due date, simply pay your gas bill ahead of time.


New Service

To request a new gas service in Ohio with Vectren, visit the link below to create a Vectren account. You can also call 800-227-1376 and a Vectren Customer Service representative will guide you through the entire process.

Stop Service

If you’re moving elsewhere, you should cancel your existing Vectren gas service. To do that, simply fill out the form on their website.

Relocate/Resize Service

If you need to upgrade your natural gas service or move your meter please complete the online form below.

Transfer Service/Moving

In case you’re moving within the Ohio service area and you want to establish a gas service at your new address, you will need to fill out the following online form.

Property Managers/Landlords/Owners/Realtors

Vectren Energy has a special program for landlords and property managers that allows them to automatically transfer service from their residents to their own name under specific conditions.

Property managers, owners and realtors can request a new service at their property by filling out the form below.

Option 1: Email the form to

Option 2: Mail the form to:

Vectren Energy Delivery P.O. Box 6262 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6250

Property managers, owners and realtors can also request notifications in case their tenants disconnect a service or fail to pay their bills, resulting in a service termination.

Need additional help? Send an email to:


Vectren can help you cover the costs of energy-efficient gas equipment. Find out more about the Vectren rebates program and apply for help on their website. These rebates are limited in offer and you might not qualify for them. Examine all the requirements carefully before you purchase any equipment and request a rebate.

Click the link below for heating and cooling rebates, insulation and home sealing rebates, thermostat rebates and tips and resources about rebates.


Customer Support: 800-227-1376, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday

Vectren Energy Delivery

P.O. Box 6262 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6250


If you think there is an emergency in your home or neighborhood, leave the potentially affected area and call 800-227-1376 immediately.

Do not report emergencies online.


If you suspect someone is performing illegal activity in relation to the Vectren gas service, call 800-227-1376 or fill out the online form.

Request Documents/Information

If you can’t call, you can click the link below and request a customer service representative to contact you.


Twitter: @VectrenOhio

Before you dig: 811 or 800-362-2764

For landlords:

Report Power Outage

Phone: 800-227-1376

Text OUT to: 8321


I want to pay my gas bills. What are my options?

You can pay your gas bills online, by phone, by mail in person. To pay your bills online, visit the Vectren website. If you want to make phone payments, call 800-227-1376.

Mail your checks or money orders to:
Vectren Energy Delivery
P.O. Box 6262
Indianapolis, IN 46206-6250

If you want to pay in person, fill out their online form to find the nearest authorized paysite.

I’ve had a tough month and I don’t think I’ll be able to pay my bills. Can I get help?

Yes. If you have trouble staying current on your bills, you can apply for an extended due date or arrange a payment plan with Vectren. However, keep in mind that you will still have to pay your full due amount.

Someone claiming to be from Vectren is asking for a cash payment from me to avoid service disconnection. What should I do?

Vectren employees will never ask you to make an immediate cash payment. Call 800-227-1376 or 911 to report the fraud.

I think someone is stealing my gas. How can I report the issue?

If you suspect someone is stealing your gas, call 800-227-1376 or fill out the online form to report an energy theft. Vectren will deal with the issue.

I’m a landlord/property manager and I need help. What should I do?

Landlords and property managers can call the Vectren Customer Support at 800-227-1376 or send an email to

I just moved in to Ohio. How can I set up a new gas service?

New residents can request a new service by filling out the online form at the official Vectren website.

If you need help with the form, you can call the Vectren Customer Support team at 800-227-1376 and a representative will guide you through the process.

I’ve decided to move out from Ohio. Do I need to cancel my gas service?

Yes, if you’re moving out from Ohio, you will need to cancel your service. You can do that by filling out the online form.

If you’re moving within the Ohio service area, you will only need to transfer your service to a new address. You can transfer a service by filling out the transfer service form.

There is a gas emergency in my area. What should I do?

If you think there’s a gas emergency, evacuate the affected area immediately. After that, call 800-227-1376 to report the emergency. Do not report emergencies online or by email.

Does Vectren offer paperless billing?

Yes. To apply for paperless billing, create an account on the Vectren website and enroll in the eBills program. Your next bill come in electronic form and you will receive a notification whenever a new bill becomes due. This program also allows you to view your bills for the past 24 months.

I don’t understand my bill. Can someone help me?

Of course. If you do not understand your bill, you can view the Vectren sample bill online.

In case you need additional help, reach out to the Vectren Customer Support through phone at 800-227-1376, from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Monday to Friday. Their representatives will explain each item on the bill.