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This page contains all the information regarding Dominion Energy Ohio divided into specific sections covering payments, billing, service and contact information.

Check out the payments section, if you want to learn more about the supported payment methods. You can pay your Dominion Energy bills online, by phone, mail or in person. You can use your eChecks, credit or debit cards and bank accounts. If you decide to pay your bills through BillMatrix, the official billing partner of Dominion Energy, be aware that convenience fees will apply.

Move on to the billing section to find everything about eBills, budget billing, payment plans, special bills, and online banking. If you have trouble understanding your gas bill, this is where you will find all the relevant bill information.

The service part of the page describes how you can set up a new service, transfer or stop an existing gas service. It also covers service shut-offs and explains what you can do to delay them. You can learn more about landlord reversions and third party notices here as well.

Under the Service part, you will find the contact section, which contains the contact information of Dominion Energy Ohio. Skip to this part if you’re only looking for ways to speak to the company representatives.

At the bottom of the page, you will find a list of the frequently asked questions. If you feel we didn’t answer all your questions below, please contact us.


Online Bill Pay

You can pay your energy bills online, without any additional fees or charges. Simply register or sign in to your account and select Make A Payment in the left sidebar. Then, choose From Your Bank Account. You should have your routing number and bank account number with you to complete the payment.

Automatic Bank Draft

Schedule automatic payments with Dominion Energy on whichever date you select. Register or sign in to your account and enroll in the Automatic Bank Draft, which will automatically charge your checking or savings account for the bill amount.

Credit Cards/Debit Cards

You can also pay your energy bills using credit or debit cards through BillMatrix. However, keep in mind that a convenience fee will be applied to each payment.  Dominion Energy Ohio accepts the following cards: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AMEX Debit cards: STAR, PULSE, NYCE or ACCELL, eCheck


You can use credit and debit cards to pay through phone as well. Call 800-573-1153 for phone payments.


Dominion Energy allows you to pay your bills at all authorized stores and locations. Always bring your bill or account number when making payments in person. Be aware that the convenience fee applies here.


If you want to pay your bills by mail, you can use regular mail and send your check to Dominion Energy Ohio P.O. Box 26785 Richmond, VA 23261-6785. Alternatively, you can use a courier or overnight service (FedEx, UPS and similar) and mail your payment to Dominion Energy Ohio Attn: RPM Center 701 E. Cary Street Richmond, VA 23219. Make sure to mention your account number on your check. Be aware that all paper checks sent to Dominion Energy are automatically converted to electronic transactions when the payment is processed. When you send a check to Dominion Energy, you authorize them to create an electronic debit instruction from it. Then, Dominion Energy sends this instruction to your bank and requests a money transfer from your account to them.

Invoice Payments

You can pay your invoices (NOT gas bills) with credit, debit or P cards and checks. You can pay for invoices online, by phone at 800-624-5614 or by mail. Mail your invoice payment to: Dominion Energy Ohio, P. O. Box 27463, Richmond, VA 23261. Always include your account number on your checks. No additional charges apply for payments by mail. If you pay online or by phone, BillMatrix will charge you a convenience fee for each payment.



eBill represents a paperless, secure way to pay bills. Register or sign in for online billing and pay all your bills from the comfort of your home. No additional fees or charges.

Online Banking

Now, you can settle your bills directly from your bank’s website. There are more than 3,000 banks that allow you to pay your bills with online banking.

How To Read Your Bill

If you have troubles understanding your energy bill, check out the bill sample below and the explanation that follows. Credits and Charges Since Your Last Bill shows the balance of your last bill, as well as all the fees and payments since your last bill. Current Charges covers all the charges on your bill, including Basic Service Charge, Usage-Based Charges, Gross Receipts Tax, Energy Supplier, Gas Cost and Sales Tax. These terms are defined on the back side of the bill. Total Current Charges explains the Total Dominion Energy Ohio Charges and the Energy Supplier Charges. Total Account Balance shows Credits and Charges Since Your Last Bill and Total Current Charges. Monthly Usage Comparison displays the average daily temperature within the current billing period. It also shows the same parameters from one year ago, a comparison of gas usage up to 13 months, the average monthly usage for the past 13 months and the total yearly use. Billing Period and Meter Reading gives you the meter number at the service address, the meter reading, read date and read type for the current and previous bill. Meter Reading shows the last two meter readings.

Budget Billing

Budget billing allows you to spread your gas bills evenly throughout the year to avoid seasonal spikes and drops. Everyone that does not owe more than one gas bill is eligible to participate in budget billing. It’s important that you understand that budget billing does not save you any money. It only allows you to budget your expenses and spread them out more evenly. You will still be charged the same. While you’re on budget billing, you do not pay your current charges. Instead, you pay the budget amount. You can opt out of budget billing whenever you want. Simply sign into your online account and stop the service.

Payment Plans

Dominion Energy Ohio allow their customers to apply for payment plans. If you can’t pay your energy bills, contact them at 800-362-7557 for more information about all the discount programs that they can offer you.

Special Winter Assistance

Residential customers can apply for special winter assistance to avoid gas shut-offs or to restore gas service to their homes during the winter months (up until April 15). Customers can restore or maintain gas by paying any of the following:

Special Bills

Dominion Energy gives their customers with disabilities large-print statements and bills written in braille alphabet at no additional cost. However, be aware that these bills and statements are shortened versions of the regular gas bills. If you want to request special bills, call 800-362-7557. Hearing/speech impaired customers can dial 711 for special bills.


New Service

Visit the start new service page for more information about establishing a new service.

If you want to establish a new gas service by converting, contact the Dominion Energy construction support. You can call them by phone at 888-619-0786 or reach out to them via email at You may need to pay a security deposit to establish a new gas service, but that depends on your credit score.

Transfer Service

If you’re moving to another location, you can request a transfer of your service by signing in to your online account. However, only customers with 13-digit account numbers can request a transfer online. Customers with 5-digit numbers need to contact Dominion Energy.

Stop Service

You can end your gas service online, if you have a 13-digit account number. Otherwise, you will have to contact Dominion Energy to start the termination of your service.

Service Shut-Off

If you’re facing a service shut-off, contact Dominion Energy to confirm your payment receipt number. This is the only way to avoid the cancellation of your gas service. You must report the receipt number to stop the disconnect or reconnect the service on the same day.

Service Shut-Off Delay

Medical certification can delay a service shut-off for 30 days. Call 800-362-7557 to get the medical certification form to request a shut-off delay. Be aware that a licensed medical professional must sign your form. You must allow your health care provider to share your medical information with Dominion Energy, if you want to apply for a shut-off delay.

Third Party Notice

The third party notice option allows you to choose someone who will be notified in case your gas service is about to be shut off for failure to pay the bills. You can choose whoever you want, including friends, family members, relatives or even social service agencies.

The third party is not obligated to pay any bills not under their name.

Property Managers/Landlords

Ohio landlords can request their gas service to be automatically transferred to their name in case the service is cancelled by their tenants. Feel free to contact Dominion Energy for more information about landlord reversions.

Be aware that a landlord reversion will not occur if the tenants fail to pay their bills and the service is consequently shut off.

You need to fill the form above, send it by mail or fax it to 855-241-0381.

In case you want to end or alter an existing agreement on landlord reversions, use the following form:

Service Emergency

In emergency cases, you can call the number on your gas bill or the Dominion Energy emergency number at 877-542-2630. The line is open 24/7. Don’t hesitate to call if you smell gas odor or your gas appliances suddenly stop working.


Hours of Operation: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Monday to Friday

Customer Support: 800-362-7557

Emergency: 877-542-2630

Phone payments: 800-573-1153

Mail payments: Dominion Energy Ohio P.O. Box 26785 Richmond, VA 23261-6785 

Courier or overnight service mail payments: Dominion Energy Ohio Attn, RPM Center 701 E. Cary Street Richmond, VA 23219

Special bills: 877-542-26300 or 711

Invoice payments: 800-624-5614 or by mail to: Dominion Energy Ohio, P. O. Box 27463, Richmond, VA 23261

Property Managers and Landlords: 855-241-0381

Ohio Construction Support: 888-619-0786 or

Dominion Energy Solutions: 888-216-3718

Dominion Energy Gas Transmission: 681-842-3800

Contact: Online contact form

Email: Email


I think there is a gas leak and/or I smell gas odor. What should I do?

If you think there has been a gas leak or you smell gas, evacuate yourself from the affected area. From a safe distance, call 877-542-2630 to report an emergency.

I suspect someone is stealing gas. Can I report them?

Yes, stealing gas is against the law. If you suspect someone is stealing natural gas, call 800-362-7557 or send an email to Dominion Energy.

I’m facing gas service shut-off. How can I get help?

If you’re facing a service shut-off, contact Dominion Energy as soon as possible. If you want to learn more about special payment plans and programs in your area, visit the Energy Assistance page.

My gas service has been shut off. How can I reconnect it?

You can reconnect your gas service by paying your past-due bills and calling 800-362-7557, from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Monday to Friday, to confirm the payment receipt number.

Your service will be turned on when the payment is processed. This can take one or two business days, depending on the precise time the payment was made and confirmed.

I want to pay my gas bills, but I can’t really bother coming in person. What should I do?

You can pay your bills using credit cards, debit cards or eChecks, online or by phone.

When paying online or by phone, you can use any of the following credit and debit cards:
  • Credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AMEX
  • Debit cards: STAR, PULSE, NYCE and ACCELL
You can also enroll into eBills and pay your bills online. Simply sign in and pay your bills from your bank account. Convenience fees may apply.

I need help to pay my bill. What should I do?

You can request a payment extension by calling 800-362-7557. This way, you can extend your due date by a few days. However, bear in mind that customers on budget billing cannot request payment extensions.

I made a payment but it still hasn’t shown up on my account. What should I do?

If you made the payment before 4:30 PM EST during workdays, the payment will be posted by the end of the day. Otherwise, it may take one full business day for the payment to be posted on your account.

How can I check my eBills?

You will receive email notifications whenever a new bill is ready for you. Open the link in the email and sign in to view your bill. You can view bills covering the previous 12 months.

I don’t like eBills. Can I cancel them?

Yes, you can cancel eBills whenever you want. Log into your account and cancel the paperless billing program. If you stop your eBills, the next gas bill will arrive to your mailbox.

I need help from the Customer Support. How can I reach them?

You can call the Dominion Energy Customer Support via phone at 800-362-7557. Their hours of operation are 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Monday through Friday. For emergencies, call 877-542-2630. This line is open non-stop.