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This page covers the Dayton Power & Light electric company and their service in the Ohio area. It explains all payment methods, billing information, service data and contacts associated with Dayton Power & Light. The content is divided into four main categories: payment, billing, service and contact.

The payment category explains how you can settle your electric bills and what payment methods are available to Dayton Power & Light customers. Go here if you want to pay your bills online through bill pay, phone, mail or in person. After the payment part, you will find the billing category, which explains all bill items and the billing process of the company. Move to this part if you want to see a sample bill and learn how to read your electricity bill. Similarly, if you want to see your bill history or you need help paying your bills, view the billing category.

The service section explains how you can request a new service as well as how you can restore and cancel an existing service from Dayton Power & Light. Non-residential customers should visit this part of the page for more information. At the bottom of the page, we have listed out some of the commonly asked questions regarding Dayton Power & Light. Review them and if you feel we missed anything, please reach out to our customer service team.


Online Bill Pay

Pay your bill online with a bank account, credit card, or debit card. Be aware that a $1.95 service charge will apply to all card payments. When you create an online account, you will be able to view and pay your bill, enroll in e-bill, budget billing, and other payment options. You can see up to 24 months of payment history and billing statements, and manage more than one service account with DP&L.

Checking, Savings Account

Make a one time payment without creating an online profile with a checking or savings account through KUBRA EZ-PAY. No service fee apply here. You can also call 888-978-0827 to make a phone payment.

Credit/Debit Card

Without creating an online profile you can make a payment with a credit card or debit card to Dayton Power & Light using KUBRA EZ-PAY. A $1.95 service fee will apply and you cannot pay more than $10,000 this waay.

Automatic Payments

Automatic payments allow you to have your balance withdrawn each month from your choice of bank account. This means your payment will be automatically withdrawn each month to avoid late fees and penalties.


All mail payments must be addressed and mailed to:

Bill Payments:

Dayton Power & Light
P.O. Box 740598
Cincinnati, OH 45274-0598

Cash will not be accepted by mail.

Pay in Person

There are several authorized payment agents near you. Click on the link below, and find a location near you. A $1.50 service fee will apply for payments made in person. 


View Bill/History

If you sign up for an online account with Dayton Power & Light, you will be able to view current or past billing statements up to 24 months in the past.

Paperless Billing

Dayton Power & Light allows you to sign up for paperless billing and stop receiving paper statements. Under this program, you will receive email or phone notifications whenever a new bill becomes due.

Communication Alerts

Once you sign up with Dayton Power & Light, you will be able to configure your account profile and set up communication alerts for e-billing and other important updates.

Landlord Agreement

If you’re a landlord or a property manager, you can have the electricity automatically transferred back into your name when the tenant moves out or closes their account with Dayton Power & Lights.

Budget Billing

The budget billing program allows you to create a more stable bill by getting rid of seasonal peaks. You can also call 800-433-8500 (Press 2).

Front Dayton Power & Light Bill

Back of Dayton Power & Light Bill

Understanding your Bill

Understand the different areas of Dayton Power and Light on your electric bill.

  1. Payment due date.
  2. Your mailing address.
  3. Your monthly account summary shows your previous balance, current delivery and supply charges, late fees, if applicable, and current account balance.
  4. Service address indicates the location where electricity was used.
  5. Next reading date is the day we will read your meter and calculate your next month’s bill.
  6. Historical usage section offers an energy use comparison of the current period to the last twelve months of usage.
  7. Average daily kWh and temperature compares current average usage and temperatures to last year’s and last month’s data.
  8. Usage detail section explains if your bill is estimated or an actual read, billing period dates and meter readings.
  9. Rate area shows your billing rate and rate code description.
  10. DP&L contact information is presented so you can reach them by phone or online.
  11. If paying by mail, return this payment stub with your check to ensure your payment is accurately processed.
  12. New message center offers seasonal messages and supplier information (if applicable).
  13. The price-to-compare message provides the price for an electric supplier to beat in order for you to save money. You can use this amount to compare prices offered by suppliers. 
  14. DP&L delivery charges are the utility charges that are associated with the equipment used to bring power to your home or business, billing and customer services and Ohio energy efficiency related programs.
  15. Supply charges are the charges associated with the generation of electricity, including market-based transmission and ancillary services. 
  16. Your generation supplier is clearly identified including a logo (if provided).
  17. Each bill includes charges for existing programs to support energy conservation and renewable energy sources.

Ohio Choice

Watch the video below to better understand the Ohio Choice program where you can choose your electrical supplier. If you have any questions, call 800-686-7826.

Payment Assistance

If you have a past due balance, Dayton Power & Light offers 3 types of arrangements. Under the first arrangement, you will pay 1/6 of your past due balance over the next 6 months of billing until the balance is fully paid off. The second agreement functions the same way, but the payments are divided into 9 monthly installments and they cover the next 9 months, based on current monthly estimates. Once the past due balance is paid, any overages will be refunded to the customer at the end of the pay agreement. The third program is the winter heating plan, where the customer pays 1/3 of the total bill throughout winter and then enters into another payment agreement to pay off the remaining balance. This method allows you to avoid any disruption in service during cold winter months.

PIPP Percentage of Income Payment Plan

The PIPP program allows Dayton Power and Light customers to pay a percentage of their gross income towards their utility bills instead of paying the total amount due. The percentage is based off the total household gross income. Read more about this program by visiting the links below.


New Service

If you need to establish service and you’re currently not a Dayton Power and Lights customer, call 800-433-8500. Allow up to 3 business days for the service request to be processed and the service to start. You will need to provide the customer service center with the following information: name and date of birth, address, phone number, drivers license, and social security number. DP&L will perform a credit check once these items are submitted.

Business/Non-Residential Customers

 Non-residential customers should call the Business Solutions center at 800-253-5801 to start, stop, or transfer service.

Stop Service/Transfer

Residential accounts can request to end their service or transfer it, if they have a DP&L account. If you do not have an online account registered, you will need to provide the account number and zip code.

Construction Center

If you have a construction project, such as a new residential service, new business/non-residential service, a temporary service, or if you want to upgrade a residential or a non-residential service, click on the link below for more information. You can also call 800-424-5578.

Restore Service

To restore service at your address, you will need to pay any outstanding balances and you may be required to post a security holding deposit. If you cannot pay the outstanding charges, you can explore one of three payment assistance agreements. Call the Customer Service at 800-433-8500 (8 AM-5 PM, Monday-Friday) with your confirmation/receipt number. If you want the same day connection, you must call before 3:00 PM. Requests placed after 3:00 PM will be connected on the next business day.

Report Power Outage/Status/Map

If you would like to report a power outage, get the status of a current power outage, or see the power outage map, go through the links below. You can also call 877-4OUTAGE or 877-468-8243.


General Mail Correspondence

DPL Inc. P.O. BOX 1247 Dayton, Ohio 45401-1247

Residential Customer Service: 800-433-5800

Residential Customer Service: 937-331-3900 (Spanish)

Business Customer Service: 800-253-5801 (English/Spanish)

TTY-TTD: 800-750-0750

Email: Email DPL Inc

Customer Service: Contact Page


Dayton Power & Light P.O. Box 740598 Cincinnati, OH 45274-0598

Pay Checking/Savings Account: 888-978-0827

Credit Debit Card: 888-978-0828

Phone Numbers

Residential: 800-433-5800

Business: 800-253-5801

TTY-TTD: 800-750-0750

Construction: 800-424-5578

Customer Credit and Collections: 937-331-3901 or 866-801-7371

Media: 937-224-5940

Ohio Electric Choice: 800-929-8646

Report an Outage: 1-877-4outage 877-468-8243

Supplier Accounts Payable: 877-468-8243

Tree Trimming: 888-582-3213


My power went out. How can I report the issue?

Dayton Power & Light relies on their customers for information about powerage outages. This means you should always report the outage to them by calling 877-4OUTAGE or 877-468-8243.

Is there a way for me to see all the power outages in my area?

Yes. You can check out the Dayton Power & Light interactive map of power outages here. Click on the dots on the map for more information about each reported outage.

There is a downed power line in my neighborhood. What should I do?

If you notice a downed power line, stay away from it. For absolute safety, do not come within 30 feet of the damaged power line. Call 877-4OUTAGE or 911 to report the downed power line as soon as possible.

My neighbors from the other side of the street have power and I don’t. Why?

It’s not uncommon for the different sides of the street to be supplied by different service connections. If a problem occurs on your connection, the other connections will continue to work. You can report power outages in your street at 877-4OUTAGE or 877-468-8243.

I need help with my Dayton Power & Light service. Who should I call?

If you need any help from Dayton Power & Light in regards to their service, call their Customer Service at 800-433-8500.

I’ve experienced damages and losses due to a power outage. Can I get a reimbursement?

Dayton Power & Light does not reimburse its customers for damages and losses caused by power outages. However, you should contact your insurance company and check if they cover such damages.

Can I pay my bills online?

Yes. Dayton Power & Light allows you to pay your bills online using your bank account, credit or debit cards. Keep in mind that a $1.95 convenience fee may apply to online payments.

I don’t want to worry about my electricity bills. Can I set up automatic payments?

Yes. Customers who want to forget about their electricity bills can sign up for automatic payments. Under this program, your credit/debit card or bank account will automatically be charged whenever a bill becomes due. You will be notified about each payment.

I don’t have an online account with Dayton Power & Light. Can I still make an online payment?

Yes. Thanks to KUBRA EZ-PAY, you can pay your bills online even if you don’t have an online account with Dayton Power & Light. A convenience fee will be applied.

I want to pay my bills in person. What are my options?

Dayton Power & Light has agreements with a number of payment centers, stores and vendors. To find the nearest authorized payment location, visit the link below and enter your ZIP code.